Post-Apocalyptic Bantam Blunder

I may have made a post-apocalyptic blunder, but they’re really cute, so what the hell!

Meet my pair of Silver Sebright Bantams. The rooster is Bibimbap and the hen is Bowwow (Belle was gracious enough let me get some more chickens, so I was gracious enough to let her name them!).

My plan is to breed the bantams and raise the chicks for lots of miniature eggs and/or bite-size rooster snacks. This is pretty sound post-apocalyptic thinking, but the blunder is in the breed:

  1. While bantams are generally known for their broodiness, the Sebrights are not.
  2. The length of their wings mean that Sebrights are one of the few chicken breeds that can really fly (read: fly away).
  3. One of the earliest recorded ‘true’ bantams, the Sebright genetics often produce infertile blokes.
  4. They are known for high chick mortality rates.
  5. While adults are generally hardy birds, they are especially susceptible to Marek’s disease.
  6. Sebrights are neither prolific egg layers, nor outstanding meat birds.

But they are really pretty!

So far they have not flown away, they have not laid any eggs (they’re young and it’s winter) and I have not seen Bibimbap act roosterly (read: hen-rape). It could be an interesting spring.

Good News: they hardly eat anything!

Silver Sebright Banatams Backyard Chickens

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  1. evolution says:

    They’re gorgeous! I love their colouring. My mom and dad have twelve hens, and they have two that look quite like these two, but I think they’re more black than white (can’t remember the breed). At any rate, I wish you much joy with the two additions to your family!

    1. Thank you! I really hope they do breed – I’d love a full flock of these little birds 🙂

  2. lizard100 says:

    We have Japanese bantams. They are hilarious and talk to you. Have your got great personalities too?

    1. My Bantams are still pretty new, so we’re still getting to know each other, but I’ve a feeling they’re going to be characters!

      1. lizard100 says:

        I think so! Ours are hilarious. And they are quite tame.

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