My Feta Will Last Forever

A few days ago I froze parsley, but I was concerned that it will melt, wither and die when the electricity fails.

Fortunately, my feta will last forever.

Forever Feta is really very easy:

  1. Into a jar, layer feta cheese, any herbs you think will taste good, pepper and chilli (if you think the post-Apocalypse will need some spice).
  2. Fill the empty spaces with olive oil, lid it and store in a cool place.

This doesn’t just make feta cheese forever – it makes feta cheese that tastes better and better the closer to forever you get.

Bring on the post-Apocalypse.

RELATED WARNING: do not threaten the post-Apocalypse with potential dystopia by attempting to store garlic in olive oil. If you store garlic in olive oil you run a high risk of creating the perfect conditions for botulism. I’m not sure what botulism is, but it’s probably some sort of incurable prejudice against bottles.

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  1. nickerockers says:

    perhaps garlic in olive oil will be the source of the beginning of the apocalypse.

    Damn you, Botulism.

    1. You’re right – some slap-dappy fool trying to write a surviving the apocalypse blog will inadvertently create a mutated strain of Botulism that’ll wipe out most of the world’s population.

      We need to be careful.

      1. nickerockers says:

        preparing for the apocalypse actually causing the apocalypse… now there’s the sort of self-fulfilling prophecy someone should make a movie about.

  2. Coop Poop says:

    Thank God we have the CDC to help explain our inadvertent home grown toxins and how to prevent them …

    1. Phew – thank you God!

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