How To Make Your Own Green Sprouter

I say: Every body should be growing something edible.
You say: But… [insert appropriate excuse about the size/location/inconvenience of your place of residence].
I say: You should start with sprouts – anybody can do it anywhere.
You say: I’m a convict in a maximum security prison.
I say: Not even a small window sill?
You say: Nada.
I say: OK, I’ll let you off the hook with sprouts, but have you thought about mushrooms? They’re a great source of vegetarian protein.
You say: I never knew that.
I say: It surprises most people.
You say: OK man, my cell-mate’s going to be stoked – he’s a fun-guy!
I say: How come I’ve ended up talking to a convict that tells worse jokes than my worms?
You say: GOTCHA! I am a worm. I’m just pretending to be a convict.
I say: Bastard worms!
You say: The mushroom thing is still interesting though.

So moral of the story: unless you are a convict or a worm, you should be able to grow edible sprouts. They are very tasty, very quick and very healthy and nutritious. From there it’s a short step to salad bowls and window boxes…

Click on the images for instructions on how to make your own sprouter:

There is also the jar-method of growing sprouts, which I plan to experiment with in the near future.

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  1. Awesome resource for all things sprouty:

    Also note: Flax Seeds are mucilaginous. This means when soaked in water they feel like they’re covered in mucus.

    Or, more technically, a seed which has a hull that when water is contacted, absorbs that water and turns into a “gel-sack”. Usually slippery, these seeds can NOT grow by traditional water-only sprouting methods.

    Good to know that I’m still learning by experience!

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