Greens for Green Scheme

I was frustrated that the sustainability centre at Furman Farm used plastic bags to give out the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) food. Speaking to the Farm Manager revealed that it’s consumer driven.

So the problem is: how to get people to bring their own bags?

In England most supermarkets will now charge you for a plastic bag. Tesco and Sainsbury supermarkets will give you Green Points for using your own bags (points become cash vouchers). This seems to be working.

Unfortunately these money-motivated incentives wouldn’t work with a pre-paid CSA program. I’ve suggested a Greens for Green Scheme to Furman Farm: if you bring your own bags you get a bonus bunch of greens.

We’ll see if they respond to my email.

Maybe I’ll get bored of it in a few weeks, but for now it’s still very exciting to pick up a random bag of vegetables. Googling the list of ingredients with the word recipe usually produces an awesome selection of dinner plans.

The Kale Pesto is taken from Mehan’s Kitchen. I added basil, used my own pizza base recipe and didn’t have any egg plant or goats cheese, but it still tasted awesome.

I’ll never buy a frozen pizza again!

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  1. They went for a ‘Bunches for Bags’ Scheme – offering a bunch of ‘whatever is plentiful that week’ as a reward for using your own bags!


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