Chickens Are Free To Range

From Left to Right: Lacy, Lucy and Spacey

Two exciting updates on the chicken situation, 1) we now leave their gate open and they explore the entire back yard, and 2) Lacy and Spacey are talking to me!

Our typical dialogue:

Me: hey ladies.
Lacy and Spacey: food food food food food food.
Me: hey Lucy.
Lucy: screw you scary man.
Lacy and Spacey: food food food food food food.
Me: what do you want?
Spacey: what you got?
Me: cracked corn or some fat ass maggots from the failed compost bin?*
Lucy: did you say maggots?
Me: now you want to speak to me.
Lucy: jackass.
Spacey and Lacy: just give us the goddam maggots.

One day I hope Lucy will forgive me for putting her in a cardboard box on my passenger seat and driving through a thunderstorm with my window open. It was a bad case of bad first impressions.

Spacey digging in the new vegetable patch

Lacy with her distinctive comb over!

* the chickens love Belle because she brings them grapes. I’m just the maggot-man.

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  1. Coop Poop says:

    The maggot man!!!

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