Three easy steps to not not getting a puppy



STEP 1. Agree to go to the Humane Society.

Me: we’re just looking.

Belle: I know.

Me: we are not leaving with a dog.

Belle: I know.

STEP 2. Agree to take an adorable puppy to the ‘bonding room’.

Me: we can’t take one home.

Belle: I know.

Me: you better not fall in love with a puppy.

Belle: I know.

3. Make weak arguments against adopting the puppy (whilst patting said puppy on the head).

Me: we don’t have any food.

Belle: I know.

Me: we don’t have anywhere for him to sleep.

Belle: I know.

Me: but I said we weren’t leaving with a puppy.

Belle smiles. Victorious.


Deo the Dog meets Lucy the Hen:

My main task is to teach my Lab/Retriever/Collie/Rottweiler mix not to eat my chickens. Or, with any luck, I can train Deo to protect the chickens and scare away racoons, opossums, coyotes and any other chicken eating predator.

He’s no Livestock Guardian Dog, but at the moment my chickens are big and my puppy is small, so there’s hope!

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  1. lindasgarden says:

    Chris lovely post and I am so please Belle won love your hens and deo he will learn as he grows up just be firm around the hens if he gose to chase just say no deo firmly

  2. Thanks Linda – I’m sure (hope) he’ll do fine!

  3. chiclygreen says:

    He’s adorable! Congratulations on your newly adopted furbaby!

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