The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


What an interesting concept – a quick Google search reveals no history, no overall winner, no origins. In fact the only thing a Google search shows is a long list of recipients, which is no surprise considering nominees are required to nominate a further 15 blogs.

I think this must be the most successful chain letter out there – I’m going to add the rule: nominee must transfer $10 to the nominator, and see how quickly the project dies!

This is my inner sceptic talking – I’m actually quite jealous of whoever posted the first blog. The 1 that went 15 that went 225 that went 3375 that went 50625 that went… you get the idea. Genius.

It’s also lovely to be recognised within a friendly community of bloggers. You can write for pure selfish catharsis, but every writer likes to be read.

So thanks to CoopPoop who certainly inspired me to write a blog post that ended up being freshly pressed. CoopPoop owns a bunch of hilariously written about and beautifully photographed Barred Plymouth Rocks, unwittingly inspiring these two little gals, Devon and Delilah:

Barred Plymouth Rocks - Devon and Delilah

Four months old and full of mischief – they ate all my basil sprouts today – so it may be time for them to move out into the big wide world and meet the older girls.

Thank you also to Linda’s Garden for the simultaneous nomination. I do enjoy reading about what’s happening back home in Jolly Old England.

Seven Random Things:

  1. I received a WCMT travelling fellowship to kayak the whitewaters of Madagascar.
  2. I’m terrified of large aquatic animals.
  3. I lead youth development expeditions to developing world countries.
  4. I’m a terrible swimmer.
  5. I’m co-director of a transmedia project on International Street Performance.
  6. I’m writing a dystopian novel set in Salford.
  7. My knees bow out when I touch my toes because I’ve spent too long in a kayak.

Chris Smith Kayaking

I will need to put some thought into the fifteen blogs that inspire me – to be updated shortly…

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  1. Coop Poop says:

    Coming from a true US of A capitalistic libertarian: Much better than a monetary redistributive chain letter (which no doubt would die rapidly)… is some kind of modified capitalistic Pyramid Scheme where everyone who gets nominated must give a dollar to the guy who nominated him and then each guy up a level gets a % of the dollars coming in (residual income!)…The original guy could have retired by now AND the monetary rewards for getting into the game and nominating folks are much more desirable – especially for those early adopters!!

    1. Coop Poop says:

      By the way – brave man running the rapids and I love your chickens!! The featured artist on my blog is an indie musician and a street performer. Awesome music in case you are looking for raw talent.

    2. Great – what we need to do is launch the Very Awesome Lovely Unique Entertaining Blogger Award (Code Name: VALUE Blogger Award) with this monetary incentive. A few years and we can be retired chicken keepers.

      1. Send her to The Busking Project website – it’s very close to be relaunched with a new look geared towards Street Performers Profile Pages.

  2. Coop Poop says:

    By the way, I would buy a Free PHIL T-shirt if you ever monetized that idea!

    1. I’m on it – looking for a cheap supply of blank t-shirts at the moment!

      1. Coop Poop says:

        I’ve got a Paypal account at the ready. Do you? We’ll need it for all those dollar bills coming in…

        By the way, don’t buy the T-shirts. Go to and OPM it. It’s a great fundraiser…Are you from the UK?

        1. Paypal’s ready and waiting to make me rich.

          I’m from the UK but I’ve recently moved to America.

          Indiegogo makes more sense! We used Kickstarter for The Busking Project. I generally found successful projects place a high burden on family and friends…

          1. Coop Poop says:

            I think you might be right about who ends up funding personal projects -HOWEVER- there is quite a subculture of chicken people on the Internet, so you might just get the funds you need to buy and print the T-shirts. Can’t hurt and Indiegogo is monetarily friendly.

          2. I could set a very small target and give t-shirts as rewards and just see what happens… maybe a chicken chain letter blogging campaign – show the Free PHIL badge in your widget and mention 15 other chicken friendly bloggers in your post…. This could work out.

          3. Coop Poop says:

            That sounds like a great idea!!

          4. Coop Poop says:

            Also, links back to your fundraising page. I’d put one on my blog!

          5. OK – this might be my new project. What I really want to do is mimic the British Hen Welfare Trust and actually rehome ex-battery hens. But we’ll start with the awareness campaign and t-shirts and go from there.

          6. Coop Poop says:

            I think it’s definitely needed in the US. Where do all these poor USA hen souls go when they are done laying?

          7. To quote Orwell – to the knackers yard… sad times.

          8. Coop Poop says:

            I personally would set the target needed to pay Indiegogo their small cut PLUS the cost to buy and print x number of T-shirts Plus whatever else you have in mind…

            QM it baby!!

          9. Are you in the UK? We may need an east of the Atlantic distributor to keep postage costs down…

          10. Coop Poop says:

            No, I’m in the US, but there are plenty of bloggers who are in the UK!!

      2. Coop Poop says:

        sorry –

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