Scally-Worms Move to Luxury 5* Accommodation

5* Accommodation

Belle and I were given a luxury worm hotel for our wedding. It’s an awesome feet of DIY. The structure is made from plastic fencing off-cuts. The base of the drawers are wire-screen, so the worms can travel from one level to the next. Being top feeders this means once one drawer is full, food and bedding can be placed in the next drawer up, tempting the worms to move from one level to the next and leave the lower level full of pure vermiculture.


I was worried there would be integration problems when my scally-worms met the new posh-worms.

My worms grew up in a box, fighting for space in little more than a $2 Wallmart plastic crate. It can be a tough world in the box.

On the other hand, the new worms came to me in a five story luxury worm hotel. These worms lived the high-life. Adequate ventilation, high-rise views and plenty of space for upward migration.

I was expecting class-wars, back alley stabbings and all sorts of snobbery, but I needn’t have worried. The new worms were keen to make friends:

Superior Vermiculture:

Great things about the worm farm:

  • the plastic walls and legs and drawers are all double layered, trapping air to keep the worms warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • massive vermiculture capacity
  • upward migration of worms for easy vermiculture harvesting

Because my scally-worms have been working in the box since August, I already had half a drawer full of vermiculture. They have slowed down with the cold winter weather, but with the new worms joining forces I hope to test out the upwards travel system pretty soon.

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  1. Lucy Scoville says:

    I find that absolutely faciniating, Chris! However, which worms are which? What is the orange matter you are putting the brown worms on? Love you creative writing, also!

    1. Now that they have mixed I have no idea – class issues have fallen by the wayside. The worms will eat almost any organic matter – in this case it is the orange pulp of carrots!

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