Preparing for the Apocalypse (or how to freeze parsley)

I met a lovely slightly scary lady who believed the end of society as we know it is pretty dam close – food and transport infrastructures are on the brink of collapse and the fall of government and the economy wont be far behind.

Apocalyptic Lady: it wont be long now.
Me: the end?
Apocalyptic Lady: the beginning for some.
Me: for you?
Apocalyptic Lady: my community is ready.
Me: it’s interesting that you’ve a sustainable community. I know lots of people interested in sustainability, but no communities.
Apocalyptic Lady: individuals wont survive.

I think Apocalyptic Lady was trying to recruit me because she knew I had a young fertile wife and the average age of her community would lead to a short lived dystopia.

I didn’t want to join her community but I think the things she said affected me quite deeply. One manifestation of this is I’ve started freezing things. I have seven jars of kale pesto and today I made parsley cubes.

Belle: parsley-pops!

She’s fertile and funny!

Two sensible things I discovered about freezing herbs that I didn’t do:

1) measure 1 tablespoon into each cube so you can easily measure out the correct amount for recipes.

2) label and date your bag of parsley pops (I guess I could still do this).

It’s pretty straight forward and you can freeze most herbs: basil, chives, lemon balm, mint, parsley, sage, oregano and tarragon to name a few.

I just hope the freezers are still working PA [post-apocalypse].

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  1. lindasgarden says:

    lovely post as always

  2. lindasgarden says:

    Reblogged this on Linda's New Garden & Wildlife Journey and commented:
    good time to freeze parsley

  3. Coop Poop says:

    From a true “prepper” perspective, dried herbs last longer. If SHTF (shit hits the fan), prepare with the idea that the grid might be compromised. That being said, the frozen herbs look fantastic!!

    1. I agree – the grid will go. My back up plan is to hook a bicycle-dynamo up to the freezer and get Belle to peddle furiously for parsley preservation.

      On another note I’d like to try the old herb drying too – I have some rosemary hanging in the kitchen. Does it take more than simple air drying?

  4. nickerockers says:

    Another option is to freeze your herbs – chopped or mortar and pestle’d with some water in ziplock bags – you can freeze them flat and stack your bags for more efficient storage. Then you just open the bag and slice off what you need. I have held of basil paste and pesto frozen like this

    1. I like the idea of herb paste – I wonder if the crushed herbs and water/oil mix would last for a long time in a jar in the fridge?

      1. nickerockers says:

        allegedly basil pesto lasts for ages in the fridge when it is covered with a thin layer of oil so the air doesn’t get to it. I have never tried it though, and I would probably add a squeeze of lemon to raise the acidity and reduce the chances of nasties developing. I’m by no means a food scientist though so you might want to check it out before trying

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