Lucy’s Egg vs. Organic Free Range Supermarket Egg

Our first egg from our chickens – how does it compare to the supermarket free range eggs in the fridge?

Lucy’s egg is significantly bigger than the free range organic (XL?) egg


Lucy’s yolk is bigger and a darker orange than the supermarket free range orgainc egg


A simple fried egg taste test – no salt. I noticed Lucy’s egg white didn’t flatten as much as the organic free range option


Lucy’s egg served on toast – a beautiful sight for a hungry stomach (we’ve been waiting two weeks for the Black Sex Links to lay!)


Just to make the moment last…


Eat that egg!

The yolk tasted as good as it looked. Very rich. I think this is because Belle keeps sneaking out and feeding the hens either grapes, apples or bananas. They love her!

Lucy wins on all counts.

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  1. Lucy’s eggs are weighing in at 73-4 grams which, according to the US Egg Sizing chart, makes her eggs Jumbo eggs!

  2. So, it’s a little embarrassing to say this, but I am an egg connoisseur….My fussiness is due to the need for what I call EGG GRAVY, the bigger, more orange the yolk, the better the gravy. Lucy’s egg looks far better than anything that can be found at a grocery store !

    1. p220, Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens – Yolk Colour Origins:

      Green – acorns / shepherd’s purse.
      Orange to dark yellow – green feed / yellow corn.
      Reddish, olive green, black green – grass / cottonseed meal / silage.

      1. Low Carb Jabberwockey says:

        Love this! I wish our chickens could be free range, however, the bobcat, coyotes, great horned owl, and neighbor’s dog (aka “El Diablo”), make it impossible to ever let them out. My better half built a “Chicken Tractor” and moves them around every weekend since it’s so rainy and wet here in the Pacific Northwest.

        Hat’s off to Lucy’s large eggs ! Have you found that the white of a fresh chicken egg is also substantially different than store-bought ? I think it’s much “firmer” and doesn’t spread out so much in the pan.

        One other thing I have discovered is that if you like hard boiled eggs you need to collect a dozen of Lucy’s gems, and let them “age” for a couple of weeks in the fridge, otherwise peeling is nearly impossible.

  3. I do worry about my lot – there’s a hawk that flies by and sometimes stops in the upper branches of the large oak trees, but the hens always know about it before me. They have a siren like call and they scatter for cover, at this point I’ll look around for a while and sure enough I’ll spot the hawk.

    No evidence of racoons or possums yet, but they still sleep in their coop at night so should be pretty safe on that count.

    Good info on the boiled eggs – I’ve not tried boiled yet, although I do enjoy a good boiled egg. So far I’ve fried and poached. You’re right about the whites – much firmer. I almost had to relearn how to fry eggs!

    Happy hens!


    ps. they are extremely happy to wander around – in terms of quality of life vs. living… I know I’ll be gutted if the hawk takes one, but I’d let them free every time. They love it in the garden.

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